Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bangladesh team, the Cricket World Cup 2011

For the Bangladesh team, the Cricket World Cup 2011 will be a different kind of experience. Before this tournament, they have always entered a series or tournament as the underdogs. Not much has been expected of them, and every win they have recorded has been termed an upset.
But this time round, they are one of the hosts. Four teams from each group will qualify for the quarter final. Surely their fans would expect Bangladesh to edge out one of the four (India, South Africa, West Indies or England) and make it to the next stage. In fact, that one team everyone is expecting that Bangladesh should edge out would be not one of the four but a clearly weak West Indies team.
Can Bangladesh do it? Will they be able to sustain the pressure that the World Cup brings? Will they be able to handle a packed crowd at the Shere Bangla Stadium?
We think that these bunch of boys from Bangladesh are one talented lot, and they may not just make it to the quarter-finals but go one step further.Good wishes for basnglasdesh

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